Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

I believe a passionate art educator can expand students’ potential by directing them to recognize the reflection of themselves, and the world. For students to explore the concept of the world holistically and cohesively, delivering clear and relatable lessons, and collaborating between teachers are crucial. Also, an art educator needs to allow students to experience that creating art requires courage, commitment, collaboration, failure, and even frustration. However, with encouragements and flexibilities, students will identify their unique expressions and stories. They will mature as artists.

Chadwick International School
Incheon, South Korea

Mission Hill K-8 School
 Boston, MA, USA

Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts
Nantucket, MA, USA

Community Art Class (CityArts)
Providence, RI, USA

SBC Saturday Art Class
Songdo, Incheon, S.Korea